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Delegation to Council

The following is the text from one delegate’s representation to council last night, Ms. April Dickin, regarding the Wilson Farm Park farmhouse. It’s worth a read. Madam Mayor Farbridge and Councillors of the City of Guelph: Thank you very much … Continue reading

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Inconvenient truths

Received the following email from “Jamie” tonight: Mr. Chamberlain, You make me laugh in that you state the following: This past council was out of touch with most people’s realities. Interesting since you never won and I guess the majority … Continue reading

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Vilification 101

At a special council meeting Wednesday night Ward 3 Councillor Maggie Laidlaw stated that Ward 1 Councillor Bob Bell was “presuming low income people don’t care about the environment” — Rogers TV coverage at 3:15. That, for suggesting that those taking advantage of a rebate … Continue reading

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