Mitchell Farmhouse 2.0 ?

Mitchell farmhouse

Mitchell farmhouse; Guelph Tribune Photo

A question I considered asking in my column in this past Friday’s Guelph Mercury was how much of the energy around the fate of the Wilson farmhouse now is actually about the demolition of the Mitchell farmhouse — how much of the emotion in this controversy stems from it?

Is the energy in this matter about re-fighting a past, lost battle?

Ben Bennett seemed to be circling the question I am asking here in his column in the Guelph Mercury:

Wilson farmhouse; Mercury photo

Wilson farmhouse; Guelph Mercury photo

The idea of another farmhouse in Guelph being destroyed because of bureaucratic negligence and political convenience is making this a very emotional issue for some.

— Though I would have gone further in saying saving the Wilson farmhouse shouldn’t be about the Mitchell farmhouse. They are different issues, different contexts.

And Ben, it is different from The Boathouse as well, which indeed was successfully re-purposed in a high profile locale. Let’s not pretend the differences in that instance and this one are irrelevant.

The Boathouse; photo by Guelph Arts

The Boathouse; photo by Guelph Arts

For whatever it needed by way of repairs, The Boathouse was never separated from its context, it’s historical landscape in the way the Wilson farmhouse has become.





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