Wilson farmhouse

The Wilson farmhouse, today: Look at it. It is in the air.

Wilson farmWhere have you seen that before? In greenfield developments, where the developer has carved around some house during regrading — until it’s moved? It’s now a former farmhouse perched against armour stone a few feet from its front door. The context is lost. It may as well be dropped anywhere in Ontario now, for its contextual significance now.

Context should be more than an address, and the context in this case simply wasn’t protected.

What happened, regarding the frontage? Why was that permitted, if the intention was to retain the building, heritage value or not?

Wilson farmIt seems that on a certain level, the decision to move or demolish this building was cast when the house was left in the air. So, let’s attempt the next best play and try to sell it for a buck.

Perhaps the buyer will give it a back to the countryside and restore it, and restore for it some meaningful context.


See the staff report, starting on page 58.

Thanks to blogger Historically Guelph for the photos. My comments are, of course, strictly my own.

Also, see my column on this matter.

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