Long White Beard

white beardWaiting on the OMB Board’s decision regarding Abode Varsity Living’s applications reminds me of the “Long White Beard” Saturday Night Live bit — the hearing concluded October 3rd, 2012.

The applications, (which are listed as Adobe (sic) Varsity Living in the City’s latest Litigation Status Report, pg. 411) refer to 716 Gordon Street Guelph, regarding Abode’s applications for Official Plan and Zoning By-law amendments to permit proposed student housing.

Check out this thread of banter on 59 Carden St. and some background links, with this from the Guelph Mercury’s Rob O’Flanagan and this from the Mercury’s Vik Kirsch, and this and this and this from the Mercury’s Scott Tracey.

In grabbing a link to Scott Tracey’s reporting on this for you, I was reminded Scott had included script from the “Bad Idea Jeans” Saturday Night Live bit in his column about this proposal.

Kinda weird, maybe even in a Shakespearean kind of way when you also consider the weather we’ve had this Spring. So, I’m guessing City Hall is OK with waiting for the Board’s decision on this one.

Bad Idea Jeans and Long White Beards may yet prove to be omens regarding these applications.

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