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* Or, “Worried about your temporary structures? You’re kinda missing the bigger picture.**”

**Or, “It’s actually about getting your data, stupid (not that I think you’re stupid).”

survey data miningGiven the community’s response to those aspects of the City of Guelph’s draft public nuisance by-law, and concerns about how they could impact on civil liberties if enforced, I admit there seems to be for me a peculiar inconsistency on the part of some regarding their comfort with… well, let’s agree to call it data mining.

I’m guessing the complacency around this issue comes into play because those same people know data helps to win elections, and locally, they’re actually OK push come to shove with the current powers-that-be having it. But they may want to reflect on their assumptions about the merits of accepting any administration having the ability to troll around social media. (You may recall my previous posts on this issue.) Presumably, local trolling is OK, while other involvement, not so much. Maybe for some, it’s really a matter of who’s doing it.

I suggest to them that there is a broader theme of intrusiveness at work into our lives, civic and otherwise locally, aimed at maintaining a preferred status quo.

Some call it… engagement, regrettably.

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