Calling bullcrap

Good for the Guelph Tribune with their editorial and cartoon that called bullcrap on the spin staff offered for restricting temporary structures such as tents on City property, as part of the proposed and highly controversial nuisance by-law:

bullcrap detector 2The rationale offered in a new city hall report for being against unauthorized camping is laughable: “Staff believe the erection of tents and other structures has safety implications to other citizens, especially in park areas where tents have been known to be taken by wind and may cause injury to other park users.”

We aren’t stupid. We know full well why those provisions are sought by staff. Which is something deserving further reflection: Just how stupid does the City consider everyone to be, or is by its arrogance that it can offer up spin that no thinking person would buy into, but is expected to accept just the same? Maybe call it, arrogance induced laziness? At least show us the respect of making the spin plausible.

But as for the credit the Tribune suggests staff deserve “for removing a few of the most objectionable aspects of the original version of the city’s proposed public nuisance bylaw” — that’s unduly diplomatic. Really — staff had a choice in that? The proposed nuisance by-law was otherwise going approximately… no where.

Here’s the story by the Tribune’s Doug Hallett.

bullcrap c3poAnd in other news, left.

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