One for the next list of 99

Lucky us, we have been chosen.

Pick us! Pick us! Pick us!

 A response from Guelph CAO Ann Pappert was published in yesterday’s Mercury, regarding the Bradshaw video misadventure, along with a field goal of an editorial on it today — alluding to the inescapable question… when will Council weigh in and say, enough is enough?! From today’s Guelph Mercury editorial:

Now, it will be interesting to see if council as well regards the continued staff investment in defending this Bradshaw pass as a good use of municipal resources.

As I mentioned in a comment on 59 Carden St., I did not see any mention from Ms. Pappert of the video actually being connected to a business locating here, which frankly I was expecting to be the case… Which is to say the video hasn’t to date even met my expectations for it.

Also, I stand by my position that Mr. Bradshaw was not the right guy to go with for promoting our community and city. But how much did we really consider it? We went with the cold call, didn’t we?

For how this is playing out, we may yet be featured in a documentary. A real one, even.

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