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Scott Tracey’s 59 Carden St. blog has a fantastic post and comment thread regarding the City’s collection of sorted waste materials. There have been a few comments previously posted on 59 Carden St. about the City collecting waste materials in a manner that suggests waste diversion in some areas is consistently not happening. At any rate, it would seem from the photo on 59 Carden St. that waste diversion of sorted materials is not happening as well as it should, or as is being messaged by the City.

It certainly departs from the public’s expectations about what is happening to the waste they’ve sorted for collection.

If there is a lesson in this, it is that the public may be right some of the time, possibly most of the time — at least, possibly, more often than City staff appreciate or accept and more often than the public itself knows. And also, in much of this, where an observation or experience differs from the messaging of the City, and the spin prevails, someone knows, or on occasion a lot of people at the City know better.

Picking up on Scott’s comment on the thread, it’s curious why the “information” from the City hasn’t been more transparent about what actually happens to some of your sorted waste.

This could be big. Watch for a ramp up of the messaging.

In this instance it’s a good thing someone has their union to protect them from being made the scapegoat.

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