Resilience and dedication

…Stand out as two words that describe the individuals involved in restoring the neighbourhood’s outdoor rink to its former glory not that long ago. There were nine youths playing hockey on it tonight.

Resilience is maybe an unusual word for this kind of thing but it comes to mind in thinking about the response to having the rink lost in the recent heat blast — it takes a certain kind of, “OK, well, let’s pick up where we left off” type of energy in rebuilding it. It would be easy to bet against the likelihood of us having a winter with extended periods of cold anymore, and to use that for a reason to pack it in altogether. Most of us would have understood it if the volunteers decided to throw in the proverbial hose for the season… deterred by a sense of futility in the effort, that “winter” weather will now lay complete waste to any effort several times over.

Dedication also comes to mind — the type of thinking that says, “imagine the fun that could be had for a lot of people if we try again”.

Both of which distinguish the volunteers in this issue. It’s unlikely that they will be receiving a medal for sticking it out so that the sticks can come out. Such as it is for our community’s many, many volunteers actively doing good things for people they don’t even know or will likely never meet, not because it’s their job but because they knew it to be the right thing to do. And, even less likely there will be an issue around how to store the zamboni.

Toques off, err, hats and gloves on, to them.

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Ward 3 Guelph resident, dad and step-dad.
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