Inconvenient truths

Received the following email from “Jamie” tonight:

Mr. Chamberlain,

You make me laugh in that you state the following: This past council was out of touch with most people’s realities.

Interesting since you never won and I guess the majority had a different reality?

I’m sorry but you religious guys like Cam Guthrie drive me nuts!  You pretend your so self righteous and know what is best for society and yet your views are just way to right wing which does not conform with the majority of us.

The world isn’t black and white, it’s grey and you religious folks are getting lost in the shuffle period.

Its not just about taxes which makes me laugh, since so called God fearing folks are suppose to be helping others. Yes only when it is in their best interest.


And my response to “Jamie”:

Thanks for your comments, Jamie. I assure you I gained my perspective having done a considerable amount of door knocking in my ward, likely more than the other candidates. That is what I based my comments on. Not sure what prompted your email to me though.

Fascinating the assumptions Jamie has about me, which makes his or her comments about me (and Coun. Guthrie) ironic. They seem pretty black and white to me. But what’s true isn’t particularly convenient. And so the narrative about someone who goes against the official speak of the powers-that-be gets constructed.

If I had a Post Script to my reply to Jamie, it would be, yes, I knocked on the doors, I heard what was being said, and I’m not sure where the black and white versus grey comes into play.

But also, Jamie, as you must know, the majority of us didn’t vote for ANYONE.

Perhaps that’s something Jamie should reflect on.

At any rate, I’m not sure what earth-shattering conclusions can be made from the 2010 election results in Ward 3, comparing me with the incumbents… especially if you look at the results by polling area — the data from which would be especially inconvenient for Jamie.

Maggie Laidlaw: 2296

June Hofland: 2202

Craig C. Chamberlain: 1680

Anyways, congratulations to everyone who was a candidate in Ward 3 last time around. It takes courage to put yourself out there like that. As Jamie reminds us.

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