Hubris can be measured…

In the costs associated with the agendas of this City Council.

One recent example, the intention to purchase and level commercial buildings along a section of the Speed River to expand parkland.

How many more buildings are we going to buy so that we can knock them down? Paid with taxes derived from economic activity of one sort or another. What is carbon footprint of that? What about the carbon footprint associated with the loss of those buildings?

Hubris can be measured, if there is the will to find/ develop the data associated with it: in this example, the costs associated with undermining businesses — which impact on the community, the web of businesses associated with them, legal costs for everyone — yes, for you as well as the taxpayer, disrupted livelihoods, absolutely massive investments with no return, but with a loss of present return in the form of fees and taxes, a loss of that return in perpetuity, additional operational costs and liability in perpetuity, once we own it, a vanity-driven redirection of dollars away from existing infrastructure.

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Ward 3 Guelph resident, dad and step-dad.
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