Round Two for me, Round One for you

A squirrel chewed a hole through the lid of our green bin in no time flat.

As you will recall, I recently posted a photo for turningthecurve of our new green bin. The resident squirrel made short work of chewing a hole in the lid.

Hey, if you were a squirrel, wouldn’t you? Call it a step forward for food security for urban creatures. So, below is a photo of what we have done for now. Perhaps the covers will discourage the squirrel altogether, maybe he’ll just move on to the next house down the street.

Round Two. Yippee!

That means, Round Two for me, Round One for you.

As part of all of that, I took a preemptive move against my furry neighbour now moving onto our grey bin. Which would be a waste of time for him, but he wouldn’t know that until he got into it.

As a suggestion, this may have been prevented or at least, the bin may have been sufficiently discouraging to render them mostly squirrel-resistant, if the lid was reinforced with plastic ribbing that the little guys had to chew through before they could start on the actual lid.

It may also make it less comfortable for them to perch on while they gnaw away.

So, as options go, this is a pain, and it really isn’t a solution. I really don’t expect it to translate into the squirrels being discouraged from chewing through the lid of the green bin if they had the chance to do it all again. But hey, let’s give it a shot, before asking for another lid.

I DO NOT recommend it as a solution for you, especially if you have young children or have pets in the area where you store your bins, as the extra weight on the lid changes the balance of the cart, making them more prone to tipping over — especially so for the green bin.


I would like to comment on two things from the booklet the City of Guelph included with the green bin:

Page 3, “… sending our organic material to Guelph’s own Organic Waste Processing Facility will… decrease Guelph’s carbon footprint.” So, there it is. The argument for us having our own facility: to reduce our carbon footprint, because it decreases our trucking of waste materials. Only, we’re now looking to truck waste in from the US. “Fail” on the carbon footprint spin.

Page 7, “The carts… include specially-designed lids to minimize odour and keep out pests.” That’s pretty much a “Fail” if the pests manage to eat them.

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