Turned completely around

Guelph is applying for permission to accept waste from the USA.

Politics aside, the powers-that-be must be having sleepless nights. It must be that bad. They bet the farm, and bet large, on a facility for composting waste. Only, it’s much larger than what we need, and as it now seems, larger than we’ll ever possibly need.

Maybe, if we’re “successful” in attracting more suppliers for our ever-hungry composter, we can perhaps look forward to saying we’re the jerks of the province for building something everyone will be able to use for less than what they would have had to pay without it, with us subsiding every tonne.

Somewhere along the way someone either missed or ignored the impact of a private-sector facility being built next door to us in Cambridge. Compared to trucking distances for waste, it was built at our front door.

And now we’re looking for “other clients”, in the USA, to make up for the “tonnage”.

A lot of elevated speech in all of this, but it boils down to trucks of waste coming to Guelph from the USA, which we need to happen for the cash. Because we’re in it. Deep.

As it turns out, the competition is “fierce” for the materials. That means, we went into a market we should have avoided altogether.

If we don’t off-set costs, at least partially with some new “clients”, we are… Well, that IS unpalatable.

And all of this of course involves quite a bit of asphalt we pay for as taxpayers. Ontario highways, which pay to maintain. Guelph roads, which we pay to maintain. Talk about subsiding a pet project!

It’s as if our composting facility is the City of Guelph’s Black Hole, sucking money and resources and energy and goodwill from everywhere. Everywhere. It’s a facility, but under this administration it brings with it a costly program.

Bins. Special trucks. Promotional materials, trainings, meetings.

To department managers at the City of Guelph — geez, guys, you MUST see what you could have done in your departments without that thing!

Anyways, I seem to recall that part of the pitch for building the facility was that we would end the business of trucking our waste to the USA for incineration, for “green” reasons at least. Now we’re asking for permission to truck the same kind of stuff back?

The powers-that-be must be turned around. Completely.

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Ward 3 Guelph resident, dad and step-dad.
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