Put it to a referendum in 2014

You likely recall my “It was already over” post. Just to pick up on that, I’ve long been uncomfortable with the “let’s push it through now while we have the numbers on Council” approach to priority setting that seemed to drive spending during the previous council, during what seemed to be an otherwise inconvenient recession for it.

There were empires to build.

When it comes to that expectation of our elected officials that they represent their constituents evenly, that sort of approach to priority setting seems to be less than democratic.

That “let’s push it through now” approach has an aspect about it that, if constituents were able to decide on those spending decisions directly, possibly not only would have the majority of us not supported them — but that certain people knew that and plowed ahead anyways — or, not “anyways”, but “especially because”.

“Especially because” they had the numbers on Council to do it “anyways”, and especially because there was a risk it wouldn’t be supported otherwise.

Given the anticipated cost of replacing our downtown library, let’s take a cue from Iqualit City Council, regarding a new $40M aquatic centre and have a referendum on the matter of the new downtown library, in 2014. Based on a plan on how we’d pay for it.

[Update: read the article. It would be a stretch to suggest our need for our new facility is greater than their need for their new facility… and they’re the ones proceeding with a referendum.]

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