End it now

Well, we got the bill from our Integrity Commissioner. $10 462.50, plus HST. It should be no surprise for the regulars at 59 Carden St. that I am asking that our Councillors resolve to end the sideshow we have in this position.

Good grief. End it now.

Call it our Council’s Frankenstein. It seems our Councillors have created a position in the Integrity Commissioner that has an unsettling amount of informal power. It stands to be a case study of what can happen when one-upmanship goes very wrong. In the present case, is this position not mostly about… not being like those other guys a couple of councils ago, that the present crew are somehow… “better”?

Is local democracy actually better today?

If the Integrity Commissioner as a position is about helping Councillors… ahem… know how to behave, they would be closer to actually getting it right by canning the position. Ironic, unhappily.

Considering what we have seen from this position, and the chill it seems to have created with certain Councillors, the word “intimidation” comes to mind. It seems to have become a running joke of sorts.

Not a path we ever should want to be on.

This week’s quote of the week, pulled from Scott Tracey’s article in the Guelph Mercury goes to Councillor Bob Bell:

“There is no value in what he did. It begs the question whether we should even have an integrity commissioner at all.”

Time for Councillors to assert their authority, if they dare the optics. Such is life now with our little Frankie.

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