Deep Pockets

Well, after all of the money and energy that has been poured into the Downtown, you’d think we wouldn’t have to now give away assessments to have private interests invest there. Wasn’t that the whole idea in the first place? I seem to remember it being Glen Murray’s message in a presentation he made at the U of G in 2006, if memory serves. So, what happened? What’s going on?! When do we shift our focus, when is that node left to stand on it’s feet?!

It seems that City Hall has some deep pockets when it comes to the core. That would be… the Rest of Guelph.

City Hall has now approved a grant of up tp $404K in deferred taxes for the Diplomat Hotel. Councillors, honestly, it seems most of you can’t say no to anything where the Downtown is concerned. Where’s the balance, the equity in this for the Rest of Guelph?

Earlier this month, I was happy to learn that there was going to be some investment in the Diplomat Hotel, and all things considered I was OK with the $12K grant the owners were in the process of applying for under the Downtown Guelph Community Improvement Plan.

Here’s my quote of the week, via the Guelph Mercury’s Scott Tracey:

“Coun. Cam Guthrie said he is frequently asked by business owners outside the downtown core why they cannot qualify for a grant, and said he wants proof — and soon — the grant program actually contributes to increased taxes paid to the city.”

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